Yusuf Adel

Computer Science Student.

Cairo, Egypt

A little bit about me:

👋Hi I'm Yusuf, a computer science probationer student with a graduation date: December 2024.

🎓Until graduation?

  • I'm learning the fundamentals of programming and it's applications to develop processes and products that are both useful and sustainable
  • 🔭My aspiration

  • I want to keep learning and growing both My interpersonal and technical skills so that I can strive to be the most successful version of myself.
  • ❤️ Some things I love Web technologies👨‍💻, Data visualisation📉, Bashamel.

    Technical Fields of Interest

    • Backend Development
    • Developing APIs & Backends for various products and maintaing tests, production/dev pipelines

    • Data Visualization & Web Scraping
    • Making data-driven decisions very frequently, make decisions much faster than their market peers
      execute decisions as intended "most of the time"

    • Software & System Design
    • Software planning from business requirement gathering to the production,
      Software systems design & architecture, deployments and delivery to various clients.
  • Contact


    Send me a massage if you'd like to offer an opportunity, i'm always happy to support others and i love hearing differnet stories.😊